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SolarGain is an official Affiliate to the SolarCoin Foundation.


What is SolarCoin?

SolarCoin is a Digital Assets created as a means to rewarding
solar energy generation.

Solar Panel

The technology behind SolarCoin is similar to Bitcoin and other digital currencies and based on the Blockchain.

Photovoltaic facility owners receive SolarCoin by generating solar electricity at the rate of 1SLR/MWh. SolarCoin can be redeemed with participating Affiliates and exchanged for other currencies at a number of online exchanges.

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SolarCoin for solar energy

SolarCoin uses the unique characteristics of blockchain technology
to create a phenomenon that is:

  • SolarCoin can be bought and sold on various online exchanges for Bitcoin or other conventional currencies

  • Solar PV facility owners are granted 1 SolarCoin perMWh of verified solar energy generated (Solar Proof of Generation)

  • Users install a SolarCoin wallet application that provides their unique address to receive, send, and store SolarCoin

  • SolarCoin holders can use their SolarCoin to pay for products and services from participating merchants and service providers

  • SolarCoin Stakers run the software that maintains the SolarCoin Blockchain, the ElectriCChain, receiving SolarCoin interest for their effort (Proof of Stake)

  • The SolarCoin Network is worldwide group of computer participants which process SolarCoin transactions and write them into the SolarCoin blockchain ledger, the ElectriCcHAIN


"Here comes the sun… to relieve you from the burden of electricity bills"

"SolarCoin, una criptomoneda como Bitcoin hecha para la industria solar"

"Building innovation networks to transform the energy landscape"

"ACWA Power becomes first utility-scale generator to adopt SolarCoin"

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